Why Branding is so Important and Finding the Value in Branding

We all know branding matters, and businesses know it’s one of the most important things to implement. They see companies like Apple and think “We need to be like that”, what they actually want is not to look like Apple but have that cohesive brand that people recognise. As a note, I’m not going to […]

The Futur – A great resource for creatives

I’ve recently come across a company called The Futur that has a huge amount of resources for content creators and creatives. The Futur is run by Chris Do, who is not only inspiring but one of the most knowledgeable creatives I have had the pleasure to come across.

Advice for new designers and artists

Whatever your background is starting out in a creative field is a daunting process. It opens us up to criticism and exposes our weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

How to get over creative block

One of the biggest things that we get as a creative is the dreaded ‘creative block’. There is nothing worse than staring at that empty page thinking, where do I start. This often leads to us spending hours searching for inspiration on Instagram, Behance and watching YouTube videos. But we need to stop. This isn’t how you find inspiration.

How I became an Illustrator

I wanted to share my story of how I become an Illustrator in the hope it gave some information and inspiration to those who are also looking to get into the creative field.