The Futur – A great resource for creatives

I’ve recently come across a company called The Futur. The Future has a huge amount of resources for content creators and creatives. Run by Chris Do, who is not only inspiring but one of the most knowledgeable creatives I have come across.

The Futur’s website and YouTube have quickly become one of my go-to resources or all things design and creative. You will find lots of articles and tutorials on creativity such as brand strategy, typography and logo design to name a few.

As well a creative advise The Futur offer very sound advise for the business of creatives. Whether you are a freelancer or running a studio there are articles and videos from pricing, marketing and lead generation.

Further to the there are even resources for your personal life, how to manage stress, how to change your mindset and keep productive.

I would highly recommend any creative, or business person, to head over to The Futur’s website and YouTube page and watch some of their content. It’s great for getting information on the industry, pricing, practices and much more.