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Vincent White is an illustrator, artist and multi-award-winning creative designer based in Leicester, UK. A member of the AIO and published illustrator for literature including Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein

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The Futur – A great resource for creatives

I’ve recently come across a company called The Futur that has a huge amount of resources for content creators and creatives. The Futur is run by Chris Do, who is not only inspiring but one of the most knowledgeable creatives I have had the pleasure to come across.

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How to get over creative block

One of the biggest things that we get as a creative is the dreaded ‘creative block’. There is nothing worse than staring at that empty page thinking, where do I start. This often leads to us spending hours searching for inspiration on Instagram, Behance and watching YouTube videos. But we need to stop. This isn’t how you find inspiration.

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How I became an Illustrator

I wanted to share my story of how I become an Illustrator in the hope it gave some information and inspiration to those who are also looking to get into the creative field.

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